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Tue. Mar 28th 2017
Brush Fire 03-27-2017

At approximately 0445 hours, Station 20 was dispatched to a possible brush fire in the 32500 block of Airport Dr. Brush 20, T...

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Wed. Sep 21st 2016
MVA- Possible Entrapment 9/21/16

At approximately 0445 hours, station 20 was dispatched to a single vehicle accident with possible entrapment near the interse...

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Mon. Sep 5th 2016
MVA with Injuries

At approximately 1345 hours, Station 20 was dispatched to a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Joyner's Bridge...

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News Headlines
Mon. Dec 22nd 2014
2014 Urbana Firemans Parade

On November 7th, 2014 Carrsville Members Hunter Alexander, Tyler Butler, Lynn Duke, Frankie Hasty Attended the Urbana Oy...

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Thu. Jan 10th 2013
Smokehouse Training

On Thursday Jan. 10, 2013 seventeen (17) members met at Station 20 @ 6PM for a pizza dinner and then headed to the airport tr...

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Fri. Oct 12th 2012
Fire Prevention Week Activities

On Friday Oct 12th several members presented Fire Prevention Week activities at Carrsville Elementary School. After...

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History of Carrsville Volunteer Fire Department

In the years prior to 1957, the community of Carrsville had no fire protection within the area. In January 1957 the need for a fire department was addressed by the Carrsville Ruritans. The task of organizing the Fire Department was turned over to the Public Service Committee with Walter Johnson as Chairman.

In April of that year the Fire Department was organized with the following officers:

Archer Spivey - Chief
J. C. Rose - Asst. Chief
Elliott Johnson - Secretary
Walter Johnson - Treasurer
Hunter Daughtrey - President

Charter Members 

J.C. Bradshaw Jr.
P.B. Butler Sr.
Alvin Byrum
Edwin Byrum
George "Big Boy" Carr
J.P. Carr
Hunter Daughtrey
Jasper Daughtrey Jr.
B.F. Dixon
Carl Eason
T.P. Eason
Edward Felton
Lawrence E. Garner
George Holland
Elliot Johnson
Walter Johnson
Edward Kinney
Cecil Miles
Wilson Miles
Ralston Rhodes
J.C. Rose Jr. 
J.E. Rose Jr.
William Rose
Billy Saunders
Archer Spivey 
Aubrey Spivey
J.D. Weaver
Pete Winslow
J.D. Wright

The first piece of equipment purchased was an abandoned 1941 International Navy fire truck (with flat tires). Archer Spivey, Walter Johnson, J. C. Rose and Elliott Johnson took the journey to retrieve the truck from Hunter Scott for $210. It was agreed that each member joining the fire department would pay $30. The newly organized department received $200. from the Carrsville Ruritan Club to help with expenses. Lyle Smith presented the fire department with it's first two donations of $25: R. A. Rawls and Bristow Insurance Agency.

A vote was passed at the May Ruritan meeting that the Carrsville Community Center would be used for fire department meetings until a building was available. The firemen worked on their first fire truck many Saturdays at Archer Spivey's  shop, restoring, painting, and equipping it for service. The truck was ready for service on July 1, 1957. It was housed at George (Big Boy) Carr's  shop for about one year.

During July and August, the members of the department built a firehouse. With a truck ready for service and a new firehouse, beside the present Community Center, the members were ready to attend fire school at Franklin's Fire Station in November.

About 1963, the fire department bought an International truck from the telephone company in Smithfield. The tank and pump were taken from the previous truck and put on this truck's chassis. A second truck was soon needed and an old used gas truck served as a tanker. Another bay was added to the firehouse to accommodate the second truck.

In 1964 an "Open Cab" Seagrave Pumper was purchased from the Civil Defense. B. F. Dixon drove it back to Carrsville and nearly froze. The front end shook so badly, if it was driven over 45 m.p.h., it was virtually impossible to keep it on the road. A lot of work was done to this truck and it soon replaced the old tanker.

In 1967 the department and the community suffered a great loss - the death of our first Fire Chief, Archer Spivey. J. C. Rose was named the department's new chief.

Our department expanded both in apparatus and in knowledge. Isle of Wight County's financial support to us grew along with our needs. As we approached the 1970's, the department discussed the need for a new pumper truck to replace the old International.

In 1973 the department received their first "new" fire truck for a price of $23,500.  The county funded 70% of the cost and the department raised funds for the remaining 30% of the cost. The pumper was paid for in early 1975. The following  two years allowed us to equip it with necessary apparatus. Ten new sets of turnout gear were distributed to members and four hundred feet of hose were packed on the truck.

In December of 1976, wives of the firemen began to contribute to the department's  cause. They formed the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Carrsville Volunteer Fire Department. They spent most of their time preparing and serving suppers to various organizations to raise funds for replacing and adding to our equipment and supplies. We originally honored our Ladies' Auxiliary each May with a fish fry and fish muddle at their expense, but this tradition has since changed to a free steak dinner.

Interest in the fire department also spread to the younger minds of the Carrsville community. Under the supervision of Nelson Carr, a junior fire department consisting of six members under the age of eighteen was formed. The Jr's could not enter a burning building but they were taught, trained, and tested as to the location of equipment  on the trucks and how to be of service to the men in the department. The  department has had many outstanding members to originate in the Jr's department and progress to the senior department.

By 1977 the department discussed replacing our old 1943 Seagrave with a new tanker.  Our new 1977 tanker was ordered in late 1977 and arrived for service in March of 1978. It  carried a price tag of $32,000 and it carries 1250 gallons of water.

In 1978 the City of Franklin donated their used equipment truck. We had no room for this third truck so the department moved into a newer building that the Isle of Wight Rescue had vacated on Highway 58.

In the latter months of 1979 the department purchased a new equipment truck to replace the older model. This truck was purchased from the Nansemond-Suffolk Rescue Squad for $10,000. The body was built at Robinson's Body Works in Windsor, VA. Phil Beckett  and other members constructed the inside with compartments, shelves, racks, etc. for equipment.

Commisioner's Corner

Greetings from the membership at Carrsville VFD!   Sorry it has taken so long to update my column.    Every time I think I can sit down and write an update, something always seems to come up!    We are very excited to announce that our new Tanker should be in the station within the next 5 to 7 days!   If you are in the area, please stop by and take a look!    We are proud to add this 2016 Pierce/Kenworth tanker to our fleet.   With this truck, we upped our water supplied by the tanker from 1800 gallons to 3000 gallons.   This tanker will be fully funded by donations from the community.    As you may know, we have been budgeting for a replacement tanker in the County budget for the last 4 years.   As the years passed, the tanker kept getting bumped out due to financial hardships the County faced.   We were faced with spending thousands of dollars on upgrades, rebuilding and maintenance or order a new truck.  We decided that if we spent a lot of money on the old truck, we would still have a 25-year-old truck.   We opted to put the money into a new truck.   Over the coming years, we will be making annual payments to retire the debt.    We hope when members ask for support for dinners, bbq’s and other fund raisers you will help out.   This is all done for our community!    Because of our efforts, we were able to lower the ISO rating for our community.   This means you will be spending less on homeowner’s insurance.    By working together, we all benefit!    We look forward to continue serving you for many years to come!

Officer's Corner

Here are some grilling tips that you should keep in mind:



  • Propane and charcoal BBQ grills should only be

            used outdoors.

  • The grill should be placed well away from the

            home, deck railings and out from under eaves and

            overhanging branches.

  • Keep children and pets at least three feet away

            from the grill area.

  • Keep your grill clean by removing grease or fat

            buildup from the grills and in trays below the grill.

  • Never leave your grill unattended.
  • Always make sure your gas grill lid is open before

             lighting it.



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